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Reiki Pendulums are a personal and scared tool used not only for divination but  also useful for chakra balancing and seeking out imbalances in your charka's. Each crystal and stone used to make these pendulums have their own unique energies to surround you with a purpose. Giving you the options to promote visualization, balance emotions, strengthen your connection with mother earth, connect with ethereal energies, protection or the ability to add a particular enegry with essential oil.   

Choose from: Unikite with celtic trinity knot charm -A stone of vision. Brings in light as it opens and promotes visualization and psychic vision. Balances emotions with spirituality. Good for chakra healing and balancing.

Lava/Black Agate with angel wings charm: Lava stone is grounding strengthening your connection to mother earth. Put a drop of essential oil on stone, let it absorb to surroundyou with energies of a particular purpose. Black Agate raises conciousness leading to spiritual growth. Works well for Chakra healing and balancing. 

Pearl with starfish charm: Associalted with Aphrodite the Greek Goddess of beauty and love. Mother of pearl stimulates intuition and gentle healing power from the sea. Works well for questions regarding love, relationships and to gently heal chakras.

Dalmation/Lava Stone with charm- Dalmation stone is a stone of service that helps to connect with ethereal energies and protects us from harm. 

Lava stone strengthens your connection to mother earth.  Put a drop of essential oil on stone, let it absorb to surround you with energies of a particular purpose. This pendulum promotes strong energy for all pendlum work.

The more you use your pendulum the more it syncs with your energy to give you very accurate results.  Comes with instructions. Pendulums by Carol's Angel Chats are made at Moonlit Cottage where the magic begins!


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