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HEART FULL OF LOVE gift set includes a Moonlit Cottage Carol's Angel Chats® Heart shaped corked bottle filled with a variety of Reiki enhanced herbs that are filled with loves energy. A rose quartz heart shaped crystal hangs on the outside of bottle and cork has a wax seal on top. Gift set includes Heart Shaped bottle, "Love is full of endless possibilities" bracelet and a lightly scented candle with lavender and rose. Sentiment/Instructions are included.Sentiment starts off with:This little Jar is filled with love, a precious gift from up above, It's filled with warmth and tenderness, and brings us joy and happiness. And ends: So hold this jar and feel the love, and know that you are blessed from above, for in this jar, there's more than gold, There's love that will forever hold.Special Box for Mothers Day, birthday, Just Because, or plain white.This Reiki enhanced product is made with the guidance of the angels.Moonlit Cottage Carol's Angel Chat®


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