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Strengthen your connection to the four creative energies of the universe by capturing the power of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Together they work in harmony with corresponding herbs and crystals to assist in sending messages, cleansing, grounding, growth, creation, energy, purification, psychic awareness, love, healing, movement, travel and so much more.  

Bottled charm hangs on a black adustable cord 18" - 20". The glass bottle is approximately 7/16" Height X 7/8" Diameter  Total height with cork 1 1/4" tall with attached gold star charm. Charm contains crystals and herbs. Cork and cork screw are glued on to prevent opening.

This charm is made out of glass use care when wearing. Do NOT force cork out it will not stay in if you try to replace.  Be aware if you have allergies there are tiny bits of a varitey of herbs in bottle.  Keep away from childern and pets it is glass and can cause injury and choking hazard.  Not recommended for anyone under 14 years old.


  • To program your charm to be in tune with your energy hold bottle part of charm in your hands in prayer position to draw in the energies of the necklace.  Close your eyes and visualize the energies of the necklace entering into your hands up your arms into your chest and through out your entire body.  Now your energies are in sync with charm and will provide a stronger connection with you.  Place your charm on a widow sill each month on the night of the full moon to recharge its energies or place on a clear quartz crystal.

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