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There is a new Pup at Moonlit Cottage

Meet Buttercup she is a 14 week old Maltipoo. She weighs 3.7 pounds and is FULL of energy! Training is going well and she has a large toddler pool which she loves to play in. This way I do not have to chase after this little extremely fast puppy. When Buttercup barks it sounds like a squeak toy and sometimes when she barks she holds a squeak toy in her mouth at the same time. So hard to tell which is barking and which is the toy.

I look forward to having Buttercup at Moonlit Cottage to help keep those darn lizards in check around my herb garden :) I know she will bring us much joy and laughter. I am sure I will be posting more pictures of her on instagram @moonlitcottage in the near future.

Blessings & Light

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