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Gratitude, Balance and Harmony

Thanksgiving 2020 will be here in a few days and with all the covid-19 restrictions, curfews and despair (which by the way I never in a million years thought I would see in these United States) what do we have to be grateful for? Well, it can be hard to say when there is so much strife in the world today. But regardless, what we all should be grateful for is the ability to think for ones' self and not necessarily following the masses. We must allow each and every individual to have their own opinion no matter if we agree or disagree without discord. I see friends and families becoming divided for a difference of opinion and that is just wrong. We all must agree to disagree with family and friends and drop it at that. Although, I will admit it is sometimes easier said than done :) So take some time today and everyday to remind yourself of what YOU are #grateful for. Encourage others to share what they are grateful for because Gratitude brings about Balance and balance leads to Harmony and that is exactly what the world needs now.

I want to say "Happy Thanksgiving" to everyone but I am all to aware that this holiday season will bring much sorrow too many whom have lost someone close to them. To those who have lost a loved one I send healing energy and remember that they may not be here in body but are here in spirit form. They can hear you when you talk to them so if you didn't have the opportunity to say your good byes talk to them now. Then if you open yourself to believe you will see signs to confirm that they have indeed heard you. You just have to Believe!


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