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Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Where the magic begins!

Welcome to Moonlit Cottage the home of Carol's Angel Chats this is where the magic begins!

Moonlit Cottage is surrounded by many herbs, berries, roses, wisteria, bamboo, fruit trees, lemon grass and many more plants and trees that I use in my products.

I prefer to use these herbs when possible so that I can empower them as they grow with the highest good and without chemicals. This strengthens the plants energy to help provide strong and effective results when using small amounts of the herbs.

I purchase most of my crystal chips or beads with the exception of some of my selenite, obsidian (black, grey, mahogany and snowflake), snow quartz, epidote, variety of agates, clear quartz and a variety of jaspers which my husband (the rockhound) collects. All my crystals are set out during a full moon each month to recharge and cleanse. With the guidance of the angels I empower and cleanse each crystal's and herb's energy with the highest possible good.

This is where I create my mini bottled charm necklaces for a variety of specific intents and purposes that actually work/assist individuals through their journey. I also take special requests from customers to create a personalized bottled charm for their immediate need. All my merchandise Charms, Amulets, pendulums, herbs, runes and crystals are Reiki enhanced and cleansed for the highest possible good. All packaging designs and pictures are created by Moonlit Cottage Carol's Angel Chats™.

Moonlit Cottage has a guard dog Toby. While I work in the cottage he lays in front of the door on the deck. He keeps watch over the gardens taking action whenever he sees a lizard running through the gardens. He never hurts them but truly enjoys chasing them. Periodically throughout the day he will venture inside the cottage to check out everything and wanting a treat. You can see pictures on instagram #moonlitcottage of Toby, herbs and inside #moonlitcottage.


My mission is to promote light, healing, guidance and provide tools to those who are in need. I am a Reiki Master, spiritualist, herbalist, herb gardener, intuitive, commune with the angels, the Goddess & God for guidance, creativity, readings and all energy work. I am not one thing I am all things. Blessings and Light to all!

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